Indermica helps regulate hyperpigmentation, visibily promotes brightening of the skin, correct lines and wrinkles.



Helps regulate hyperpigmentation, visibly promotes brightening of the skin, corrects lines, and wrinkles as well as protects the skin from future damage.

  • Recommended Age

    30+ years of age

  • Sun damaged aging skin with sunspots, discoloration from ultraviolet radiation, humidity, depilation, lines and wrinkles.

  • Recommended for

  • All skin types, may be used year round in all climates. Do not use the Microderm exfoliating system for very sensitive skin or Rosacea.

  • Action and Result

  • Minimizes the appearance, intensity, number and size of discolorations. It aids in regulating the pigmentation process. Restores the appearance of uniform looking skin. Also, helps to reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles. Promotes over all rejuvenation of the face and firming of the skin. Aids renewal of the elasticity and vitality of the skin.


A powerful fast-acting, anti-aging treatment line specifically created for hyper pigmented, dull skin & aging skin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It helps to regulate and diminish the appearance of dark spots and protects the skin from UV radiation. Also improves hydration and promotes the rejuvenation of the skin. This treatment is intended to nourish, firm and restore the skin’s youthfulness. With the combination of the latest technology and all natural ingredients, the skin will look visibly younger, brighter, more uniform and luminous in as little as 8 weeks. Unlike other treatments, this treatment may be used year round in any climate. However, not recommended for sunburned or Rosacea skin.




  • Brightening complex: A revolutionary technology based on the innovative blend of Daisy Flower Extract, Licorice Root Extract, garden cress sprout extract and Vitamin C. These key ingredients work synergistically on the melanin synthesis process to brighten and help prevent skin damage caused by UV radiation.

  • Fruit Stem Cell is a plant based stem cell that stimulates and protects human stem cells, which reduces wrinkle depth and creates younger looking skin.

  • Peptide Complex inhibits the pigmentation enzyme (tyrosinas) activity, which controls the amount of pigment on the skin. The Peptide Complex is ideal for overall lightening and brightening of skin tone, clarity, and radiance.

  • Acid Complex: Helps eliminate dark spots, fine lines and imperfections while simultaneously exfoliating the skin.