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Clarex Oil Control Gel

Clarex™ OC Oil Control Gel


Facial oil control


It's a common problem



It's embarrassing



There's been no real answer


Clarex™ OC contains Polybibe (a brand of acrylates copolymer) invisible oil-absorbing microparticles with a copolymer structure that absorbs facial oil like a sponge.


And It's invisible


Once absorbed, the sebum is permanently trapped and will not leach out. Even when the microparticles are saturated with sebum, it is incorporated into the microparticles molecular structure and remains invisible to the naked eye.


The microparticles (each less than 30 nm in diameter) work continuously, absorbing up to twenty times their own volume of facial oil (sebum).



Facial oil control

Clarex OC in the daily skincare routine


1.Cleanse & Tone as usual.
2.Gently massage Clarex™ OC into the facial skin with light circular movements, paying particular attention to the forehead and nose (T-zone). Remember you can’t see it.

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Clarex™ OC


a breakthrough cosmeceutical

Last for up to 8 hours.


  • Gives clear, shine-free skin.
  • Invisible microparticles continually absorb sebum as fast as it's produced.
  • Skin feels clean with a matt finish.

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More good news


Clarex™ OC is:
Alcohol free. Won't cause skin irritation or a feeling of tightness.
Non-comedogenic. Won't induce pimple formation.
"A new level of efficacy for oil absorption on the face, of patients with acne"


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Reduces oiliness by 51%


Clinical trials have demonstrated that Clarex™ OC significantly reduces oiliness by 51% and goes on working for up to 8 hours.


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