RGR Pharma Ltd. Windsor, Ontario Canada
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RGR Pharma - Our Company

RGR Pharma Ltd. is a leading Canadian distributor of science-based skincare products and technologies. It is dedicated to helping physicians and professionals grow their aesthetic businesses by providing them with effective, medically- advanced solutions to skin health and beauty. The Company distributes more than a dozen top brand name lines.

Pivotally headquartered in the province of Ontario, RGR Pharma has a strong presence in every major demographic region of the country.  It is owned and operated by experienced medical professionals who understand the particular nature of the Canadian market and know the kind of products that are in greatest demand.

Our Mission is to provide unique speciality items to our customers in a way that:


  • All patient care requirements are outlined and delivered
  • Our people are recognized as experts in the discipline
  • We are recognized as a quality product supplier