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RejudiCare Synergy™ Ambercleanse

Exfoliating Cleanser

An Exfoliating Scrub Based on Genuine Amber

This facial scrub harnesses the medicinal powers of amber to slough away dead skin cells and restore skin to its natural, youthful appearance.

Dating Back to Hippocrates, Historically Valued for its Healing Properties
  • From ancient folk medicine to contemporary pharmacology, amber
    has always been recognized for its healing powers.
  • Efficiently removes dead skin cells, uncovering fresh, youthful skin
Unique, Gentle Formulation
  • Smooth amber particles unclog pores, reducing their size and
  • Contains no abrasive plastic beads or
    other hard material that can scratch the skin
  • Light, non-irritant, IFRA compliant fragrance

  • For normal, oily or sensitive skin
  • Gently and efficiently removes dead skin
  • Weekly use soothes and brightens skin
  • Leaves skin silky soft and refreshed






RejudiCare products use several different ingredients for the same skin problem that work together for better results and better patient experience.